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Discover our range of LB Hair Extensions services and book an appointment today to experience them for yourself. Plus, don't forget to order your membership card for even more perks.

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Expert - LB Hair Extensions

Welcome to LB Hair Extensions!

I'm Elena, and I'm excited to tell you all about our professional services. 

Call me now to ask your questions.

Let's get started by scheduling your appointment today. 

Let's transform your look and boost your confidence!

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Pro Master Hair Stylist

Expert - Elena

About Our Services

Experience flawless hair transformation and personalized customer service with LB Hair Extensions.

Our team is passionate and dedicated, guaranteeing unbeatable quality and attention to detail.

We have extensive expertise in hair extensions and our goal is to help women of all ages, body types, and styles find their perfect look.

We take a personalized approach to every client to ensure they receive top-notch hair extensions, hair colouring, hair cutting, hair styling that are tailored to their unique needs and style.

Experience the best possible hair care services and products with LB-Hair Extensions.

Let us elevate your beauty dream today.

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    Every year
    15% OFF! Hair Styling - Perfect Hair all Year Long!
    • 10 Hair Styling
  • Gold Membership

    15% OFF! Hair Treatment BOTOX
    • 10 Hair Treatment BOTOX
  • Platinum Membership

    Every year
    20% OFF! Luxury Hair Treatments & Hair Styling
    • 10 Luxury Hair Treatments & 10 Hair Styling
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Get the LB Extension Studio membership card and enjoy discounts on haircuts and hair extensions! 


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About Membership Card

Get the LB Extension Studio membership card and enjoy discounts on haircuts and hair extensions!

Permanent Clients receive a 10% discount, while New Clients get a 3% discount.

Plus, we'll keep you updated on any new deals. It's simple - just fill out the form and receive your card for free via email.

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