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Our Hair Extensions Service offers Gift Cards and Flowers to make your special someone feel extra loved and appreciated.

Whether you’re looking to surprise your woman, sister, mother, wife, or your  friend, our Gift Cards and Flowers service provides you with the perfect way to make that special someone feel even more beautiful on their special day.

LB Gift Card


Our personalized mini postcard with message, or congratulations, is the perfect gift to send to a friend or loved one! It features a beautiful design with a personalized message, or congratulations, and is signed with your name for an extra special touch. It's the perfect way to show your appreciation and celebrate special occasions. Give the gift of beauty with this unique postcard.


At LB Hair Extensions, we believe in the power of positive energy and harnessing the beauty within us all. Every day is an opportunity to spread joy and bring light to your life and the lives of those around you.


We strive to offer our clients an array of personalized products that can help you express yourself and spread your best wishes. From greeting cards to thoughtful gifts, discover all the ways of a Best Wishes Postcard or personalized gift can help add a ray of sunshine to someone’s day and life

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Gift Cards

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