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Elegance 22 inch Slavic Premium Wavy Hair Extensions 22 inch

Dive into the luxury of Slavic beauty with our Elegance Slavic Premium Wavy Hair Extensions. Crafted from the finest Slavic hair, known for its unrivaled softness and strength, these extensions are the pinnacle of hair artistry.



  • Hair Type: Our extensions are made from superior Slavic hair, renowned for its premium texture and longevity. Each strand is a testament to the beauty and quality Slavic hair is famed for.

  • Structure: The wavy texture of our extensions offers a timeless elegance, providing volume, depth, and dynamic styling possibilities. Achieve your dream hairstyles with ease and sophistication.

  • Length: With a generous length of 55 cm (22 inches), these extensions offer versatility in styling, whether you desire flowing waves or chic cuts.

  • Weight & Strand Count: Totaling 72 grams, distributed across 120 strands, with each strand precisely weighing 0.6 grams. This ensures a balanced and comfortable fit that complements your natural hair.

  • Color: The roots feature a subtle 7-tone blend, gracefully transitioning into a vibrant 10-tone length. This refined color gradient enhances the natural beauty and dimension of your hair.

  • Features: Designed for both hot and cold extension methods, our extensions offer the flexibility of customization. Additionally, they can be painted to achieve the perfect match with your natural hair or desired look.

  • Price: Priced at $504, our extensions offer exceptional value, ensuring premium quality and satisfaction.

Additional Information:

  • Encapsulation Pricing: Each strand, complete with encapsulation, is available for $4.2, allowing for secure and lasting application.

  • Complete Set Calculation: For a full set of 120 capsules, the total comes to $504, ensuring a comprehensive solution for achieving voluminous and luxurious hair.



Elevate your hair game with our Elegance Slavic Premium Wavy Hair Extensions. Where luxury meets functionality, these extensions not only promise to enhance your look but also provide the versatility and quality you deserve.

Elegance 22 inch Slavic Premium Wavy Hair Extensions 22 inch


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