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Sunset 24 inch Glow Premium Slavic Wavy Hair Extensions

Unveil the essence of Slavic beauty with our Golden Horizon Premium Slavic Wavy Hair Extensions. Each strand is a testament to luxury and sophistication, sourced from the finest Slavic hair renowned for its unparalleled softness and robustness. Designed to enchant and captivate, these extensions are the crown jewel for those who desire to elevate their look with grace and opulence.


  • Hair Type: Exclusively crafted from premium Slavic hair, celebrated for its exceptional quality and natural sheen. Our extensions promise a seamless blend with your natural hair, offering an undetectable and flawless finish.

  • Structure: The enchanting wavy texture introduces a dynamic and voluminous flair to your hair, perfect for crafting mesmerizing looks that last from dawn till dusk.

  • Length: Luxurious 60 cm (24 inches) in length, providing the versatility to achieve your desired hairstyle, from elegant waves to glamorous lengths that cascade beautifully down your back.

  • Weight & Strand Count: An ideal weight of 89 grams distributed across 148 strands, with each strand meticulously weighing 0.6 grams, ensures a balanced and natural augmentation of your hair's volume and length.

  • Color: The roots boast a radiant 7-tone blond, seamlessly transitioning into a striking 10-tone blond length. This exquisite color gradient not only adds depth and dimension but also complements a wide spectrum of skin tones.

  • Features: Crafted for versatility, these extensions are suitable for both hot and cold extension methods. They offer the additional possibility of being painted, allowing for a perfect match with your natural hair color or desired shade.

  • Price: $534, which equates to $6 per gram, offering you premium quality at an exceptional value.

Additional Information:

  • Encapsulation Pricing: Each strand with encapsulation is priced at $4.6, ensuring a secure and enduring application for each extension.

  • Total Calculation for All Strands: Opting for encapsulation for all 148 strands brings the total to $680, providing a comprehensive solution for achieving the voluminous and luxurious hair you've always dreamed of.

Elevate your hair to new heights with Golden Horizon Premium Slavic Wavy Hair Extensions. Indulge in the luxury of Slavic hair and transform your look with volume, length, and unmatched beauty.

Sunset 24 inch Glow Premium Slavic Wavy Hair Extensions


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